Prismatic Helix

A semi-formal introduction

I go by many names on SL; Prismatic, Raucous, Aero, Kirin, Helix.
Whatever name you find me under, or whatever form I take, know that I’m open to the casual and leisurely of conversation and exploration.

Say “Hi” to my Main Boi — Takuya

What’s up everybody?

I’m the second-writer to this blog. I’m a novice in terms of the SL landscape, having only about 2-years of experience under my belt — nonetheless it is my hope to share with you beautiful people (whomever you may be) my passion for fashion and marvelous misadventures through the virtual world.

I’m a dirty memer, and don’t find myself taking things too seriously in my forays around the grid. I inhabit a variety of appearances that suit my general mood, but you’ll more likely find me gallivanting in humanoid guise. My penchants include gacha, knick-knacks, gestures, events, and fashion — and I’ve also recently taken on photo-editing as a hobby.

“I think dogs should vote!”

The Boy Mayor of Second Life

My real-life as a student is rather dry, but I’ve double majored in ENG/FRN and am now pursuing a Fine Arts degree. I also have a boyfriend and a minor career in freelance, digital illustration. I love cats, pastels, and vintage aesthetics.

My posts should appear Thursdays and Sundays about every week or so.

Welp, it’s been real!
*ollies outie*