The summer!~

Do you have plans for the summer? We do. We’ve been reaching out to creators, perhaps we’ve even reached out to you! Our push towards growth will continue.

Now exciting things happen in the sun-lit season of heat, and I’m no exception this time. I’m moving the end of May, and working a 10-day camp in the middle of June! On top of this, I plan to stay addicted to video games as well as try to study.

I’m hoping that during this season of warmth, we might receive our first brand deals and get to start up on blogging about our favourite things, for you. It’s a learning experience as much as it is a driving force, our one goal and dream in our blog.

In any case, if you want yourself, your friend, your brand or anything you like written about, find out contact information to the side and send us a message in world! You can also find us on discord!
Here is a fast travel discord link:

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